Hands to Empower

While making a recce of the flood affected areas of North Karnataka, our first train stop was Gadag Betageri. The weavers had no employment and they implored us to teach and train their women who could support the family economically. After touring the surrounding areas, We zeroed in on Gadag for the embroidery training. From getting the old wood for making frames to cleaning the Halls and installing lights, fans and carpets went on parallelly to enrolling women trainees who came in large numbers everything just settled in faultlessly.

The training was without stipend as Pavithra very firmly asked only those who wanted to make something of their lives to join. In 5 weeks COVID happened and this made these women even more determined to learn and succeed.

We are also happy to announce the second batch of young women to our Hands to Empower creating jobs with respect Programme. The training has been carried out under very difficult conditions as the hall was closed due to COVID regulations. It was a work from home situation, dividing the group into 6 to 7 groups of women where the master taught 2 to 3 girls at one home and this was copied by the rest. The classes were on rotation at their homes with the masters taking the threads and beads to their residences. From zero to a life of Hope, see their determination to create a thing of beauty. These are their labour of hope. Please support and encourage them by buying these products.

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