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The Vimor Foundation

The Vimor Handloom Foundation, is a brainchild of Vimor legacy and was set up with a vision of empowering weavers through conservation of handlooms, educate citizens on handloom inheritance, research, document and innovate the environmentally friendly sustainable product.

See What We Do

A brainchild of the Vimor legacy

Vimor was started in 1974 by Mrs Chimy Nanjappa and Pavithra Muddaya. Since its inception, Vimor has dedicated itself to reviving and documenting traditional handloom saree motifs, techniques, and oral history. In the past 45 years, Vimor has had tremendous success in training several weavers to produce traditional marketable sarees. A weaver was given hand-holding support through mentorship, designs, colour aesthetics, financial credit, and also the strength to grow. As planned, thus they were able to move them from a weaver to a master weaver and succeed.

Vimor Handloom Foundation, an extension of Vimor, was set up in 2004 with a vision


To preserve our handmade textile heritage

By empowering weavers through revival and design intervention

To provide sustainable livelihood

To those involved in the handloom industry through mentorship

To add value to the existing knowledge bank

Educate the common man on our handloom textile inheritance, and conduct research and documentation.

Supporters and Donors

Our supporters and donors have helped Vimor preserve traditional handloom weaving by providing weavers with the necessary support to become independent entrepreneurs, document and revive traditional motifs, techniques, and oral history. Their contributions have trained weavers to produce marketable sarees and promote sustainable livelihoods in the handloom sector. We are grateful for their generous support in making a positive impact in the lives of weavers and their families. Your continued support is crucial for Vimor to carry forward its mission of preserving the rich cultural heritage of India. Join us today in supporting Vimor.

CSR & Institutional Funders

  • Ishan Charitable Trust
  • Space System and Agencies
  • Span India Pvt. LTD
  • Turner Morisson Limited
  • Nespa Inmasked
  •  Nikhil Construction Company Pvt ltd
  • Ethos

Individual Donors

  • Kaveri Warriar
  • Jyothsna Belliappa
  • Mohini Reddy
  • Radha Rao
  • Lata Gopalakrishna
  • Suneetha Chamaraj
  • Chitra Rajiv Talwar
  • Subramanian Ramadorai
  • Anil Reddy Modugu
  • Elizebath Renuka Varghese
  • Sharmila Abhaykarve
  • Parvati Kumar
  • Seema Lalit Uppal
  • Savitha Suri
  • Shree Baijnath Kedarnath Goenka
  • Uday Deshpande
  • Arundhati Nag
  • Kasturi Gupta
  • Vinay Family
  • Shama Hussain
  • Renu Judge