The Vimor Foundation

The Vimor Handloom Foundation, is an extension of Vimor, was set up to deepen and institutionalise impact with a vision of empowering weavers through conservation of handlooms, educate citizens on handloom inheritance, research, document and innovate environmentally friendly sustainable products.

Adakmaranahalli Weaver Training Programs

The Foundation

Vimor was started in 1974 by Mrs. Chimy Nanjappa and Pavithra Muddaya. Since inception Vimor has dedicated itself to reviving and documenting traditional handloom saree motifs, techniques and their oral history. In the past 45 years, Vimor has had tremendous success in training several weavers to produce traditional marketable sarees. A weaver was given hand-holding support through mentorship, designs, colour aesthetics, financial credit and also the strength to grow. As planned, thus s/he was able to move from a weaver to master weaver and; be able to produce more sarees and gradually become an entrepreneur, independent of Vimor.